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Programme of courses Working with beads can be addictive. Yet, there is no reason to be deterred by this. I am offering courses to learn how to work with glass beads. Crash course: 4 days, 30 hours altogether 10 consecutive units of 3 hours each contents Become familiar with the basic techniques; planning of projects; receive help creating/finishing your jewellery to make it look professional; ask questions; dialogue about emerging problems with the work; get tips and advice and be together in a pleasant environment Crash course for glass bead jewellery In this seminar you will learn two of the most common techniques used for working with glass beads – the crochet and the square stitch. You will have the opportunity to create your first piece of art and finish a necklace within the week of the course. As the seminar focuses on each participant individually, the subject can be broadened at request to deal with additional, advanced techniques, such as crocheting around a pellet or any other topic relating to glass beads. Moreover, detailed information about all relevant techniques as well as an insider’s view on recommended literature about glass beads will be provided. Courses and prices: